Aaron Dinwoodie has been farming for 15 years, getting his start on a ranch in coastal California just south of Half Moon Bay. There he learned how to raise dairy goats and laying hens, prune, graft and propagate fruit trees, and cultivate a wide variety of annual and perennial vegetables and herbs in both garden and field settings.

He learned how to make good compost, which was the foundation for his productive, no-till, terraced garden. In the field, he worked the soil with a tractor and set up drip irrigation for most crops. He was no stranger to dry farming and successfully grew tomatoes, potatoes, beans and grains with this method.

Seed saving became a passion of his, which he sees as integral to any farm's sustainability. He currently participates in seed saving projects as part of a burgeoning bioregional seed producer's organization.

His marketing strategy comprised a farmers market, restaurants, a CSA and a herdshare. He managed a number of farm internships over the years and taught classes on gardening, pruning, composting, plant propagation and food preservation, including pickling, fermenting and cheese making.

As co-founder of Feral Heart Farm, now in its sixth season, he has brought these skills and passion with him. He participates in all aspects of the farm from seeding to soil prep to planting to weeding and harvesting, to marketing to restaurants and the farmers market, as well as administrative work. He loves to help make the land laugh and sing fruits, roots, flowers and leaves and create a productive and healing environment for all creatures great and small.

Mica O’Herlihy grew up in California.  Working as a filmmaker, visual artist and professor and after years of gardening and starting urban ag projects, they transitioned into farming and homesteading in rural SW Wisconsin. Their farm, Long Arm Farm, hosted many workshops and interns through the years, enlisting their help to run a goat dairy with rotational grazing, improved pastures and medicinal hedges, 14 acres of woody perennials, naturalized culinary and medicinal mushroom beds, perennial herb garden, eventually leasing another four acres to row crop annuals to share with the chefs in their RSA.

Mica and their kids moved back home to California in 2017 and partnered with Feral Heart Farm where they get to continue geeking out over culinary and medicinal herbs, flowers, nutrient density, Biodynamics, seed saving and basking in the richness of the queer community in the bay. Their home-schooled kids are woven into the fabric of their farming practice.