Our farm is located in the Sunol Ag Park in Sunol, CA. We have been there since 2014 and first got certified organic by CCOF in 2015. The Ag Park is a collection of 6 small sustainable farm projects each with its own unique focus. We are adjacent to the water temple and part of S.F.ʼs Hetch Hetchy water system and are bordered on two sides by the riparian corridor and confluence of the Arroyo de la Laguna and Alameda Creek so we are deeply committed to organic farming. We are certified organic by CCOF and use fertility management, companion planting and biodynamic practices to work in conjunction with the natural systems we are a part of.

Our farm is 30 minutes from Downtown Oakland and we are able to handpick and deliver fresh produce to your kitchen within hours of it growing in our fields.

We continue to look forward to learning how our farm can best serve the people we care about and provide accessible food to the urban communities we live in, while also stewarding our little slice of land.  For us, this looks like growing native, heirloom and perennial food crops; starting plants in our nursery for people to put in their own gardens; saving many of our own seeds; as well as continuing to find innovative ways to use the farm as a tool for community organizing.  This not only feeds and humbles our feral hearts, but also keeps us plugged in to greater issues of social, economic, and food justice.  Not to mention, we get off on slinging unusual produce and rad politics in the marketplace.